The End of Government

Tomorrow belongs to the anarchists.

Anarchism is about to have its moment. The political philosophy, defined by a rejection of the state, will become the politics of choice for an enormous number of disaffected Americans who feel they have no home in any mainstream political party.

Newspaper columnists will panic, assuming we are about to return to a time of political dynamiting, but an overwhelming majority of new anarchist groups will be peaceful. They will simply attempt to go about their lives and engage with the world without a hierarchy of politicians above them making decisions. In fact, many will be obsessed with democracy, and will insist they must be allowed to vote on any decision that affects them.

These politics will become mainstream in a surprisingly brief amount of time, with many businesses and institutions converting to anarchist models, with communal ownership and shared management. But mainstream politics will find itself threatened by this movement, and so will use the very few anarchist organizations that are violent as an excuse to suppress the many that aren’t. This will backfire badly, however, leading to the disbanding of most political parties and an enormous overhaul of government, with a focus on direct democracy and extremely limited federal and state powers. It will be, functionally, the end of government, as we know it.

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