The Year the Music Died

2016 will continue to be a bad year for music

2016 is going to be infamous as The Year the Music Died. We have already lost a number of important musicians, including David Bowie and Prince, but the march of death will continue onward. By the end of the year, over 300 musicians and singers, many considered among the most important in rock and roll history, will have passed away.

Some will be older performers, most will be in their 60s, and some will be very young. There will be no real reason for this, except that the average life span of a pop artist is somewhere in the area of 65, and quite a few musicians from the 60s are now that age or older. But the number of them will be statistically unlikely, and, as a result, there will be wild rumors about assassinations, or occult conspiracies, or deals with the devil that came true.

All we will know is that by 2017, there will be a lot less great music in this world.

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