The future will have less calories in it

The next trend in food will be something called” decalorization” — the opposite of our current trend to provide food with as many calories in them as possible. Instead, vending machines will offer food with miniscule calorie counts, and food scientists will seek to make existing foods less caloric. Chemical processes will develop that will prevent the human body from effectively making use of calories in food, which will mean that we will be able to eat the same amount of the same sorts of food, but take in a much smaller amount of calories.

The result of this will be a reversal of a national trend toward weight gain. Indeed, some people will find it hard to get enough calories for their daily needs and will rely on supplements. The average American weight will decrease by 20 percent or more, and Americans, as a whole, will become a thin people; sometimes dangerously so, as it will be found that being below a certain target weight can be as dangerous as being too heavy.

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