The sweet, gentle touch of the ever-renewing virgin turns the rrrrrooooaaaaring king of the beasts into the fawning pussycat at her lap. The daughter of nature promises the pleasures of hearth and home in place of long winter nights all alone. Ahhh, but what be the price to pay for a winter’s stay, you might say. The price, I’m told, is worth your wait in alchemist’s gold. Be patient. You must attain the golden heart before your eyes can truly start to see that love most truly be the key. Stay tuned for more alchemy. Yours truly, Michael P.

f VIRGO (8.23-9.22)  You’ve got ’til the end of the month to clean up everything you “messed up” during the last month, while Mercury was retrograde. It ain’t easy with so much royalty defining you as one of the servantry, is it? Ah, the price you pay to join the entourage…

g LIBRA (9.23-10.22)  Your ruler Venus is transiting domestic, tranquil, country comfort, mom, apple pie and patriotism-orientated Cancer. God bless America! Food will be your answer, but what is it we truly seek when we sit down to eat? What if you are what you seek? Gobble, gobble ’til next week, when once again we speak…

h SCORPIO (10.23-11.22)  Martians: You’ve studied love enough (Mars in Libra since July), and you’ve suffered from it (12th House) — and made them suffer plenty, too. You haven’t learned anything from it, though — yet. Hold on. A proper diagnosis starts with examining all the mistakes you’ve made. Now it’s all coming home to you (Mars in Scorpio ’til October 7th). Plutonians: The more yoga you do, the more payback you accrue. That’s something they never taught you in school…

i SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.21)  With your ruler Jupiter in your opposite sign of Gemini ’til June 2013, you expand by communicating what you think others have for you to live/look up to as a mirror image. We are taught in school to build/learn from what we already know. Well, have you ever learned something from what you don’t know? There’s being good, there’s being lucky…and then there’s being good and lucky!

j CAPRICORN (12.22-1.20)  One more lousy month to play the chump. After October 5th, it’s time for you to show up at the party drivin’ and/or jivin’ as an exec! For the 3 years following October 5th, Saturn is in Scorpio, while Scorpio’s esoteric, enigmatic ruler Pluto resides in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. This is called “mutual reception,” and it puts you in the driver’s seat (drivin’) — or wishing you were (jivin’)… RRRRrrrrrmmmm. RRRRrrrrmmmm…

k AQUARIUS (1.21-2.19)  Catch the Full Moon flurry early! The Moon enters your sign on Tuesday the 28th, around noon, as momentum builds for the Full Moon in Pisces, conjunct Pisces’ esoteric, mystical ruler Neptune and the “Wounded Healer” asteroid, Chiron, on the 31st, at 2 minutes ’til 9:00 a.m. Your economic intuition is high! Your lucky number is 7. Try the lottery? There are 7 steps to Heaven.

l PISCES (2.20-3.20)  Neptunians: Dream on, dream on, dream on. The Full Moon on the 31st is in your sign, conjunct Neptune. Things will not be as they appear. If only you could/can transcend the self, you could/would find your true Self; but as with all things magique, one has to believe to open the hand of the mind. Jupiterians: Duality flavors your home center. A new roommate?

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  Enough looking at yourself as others see you! Time to take charge, as Mars enters the executive-wielding, behind-the-scenes-kings-and-queens sign of Scorpio ’til October 6th. You(’ll) start with an executive decision! Tell me, are you the executive — or is it up to someone else to make the decisions? Find out, and then make your move accordingly.

b TAURUS (4.21-5.20)  You(’ll) find your love at a party. If I’m wrong, then you’ll hors d’oeuvre ’em outta house and home. Venus is in Cancer (food and/or sex are your answer) ’til September 5th, in your theoretical 11th House. Maybe you could/should stack the deck in your favor and throw a party, and only invite the people you love…or would love to?

c GEMINI (5.21-6.21)  This is your year to travel as you educate. Jupiter’s in Gemini ’til next July, and reciprocates in your money (2nd) house! Mercury is revamping his/her steps from this last month in your theoretical 3rd House of brothers and sisters — your everyday world. A sexxxy, dream-woven woman/affair surfs by, riding the Pisces Full Moon wave over the weekend. Nothing like a little dip?

d CANCER (6.22-7.22)  Happy Full Moon in Pisces, conjunct its mystical ruler Neptune (the lord of dreams and the subconscious), on Friday the 31st, at 8:58 a.m., Omax time. You’re tripping — starting right now! How does the MOJO know?

e LEO (7.23-8.22)  Time to readdress these last 5 weeks of debris. It all works now, but someone (you?) has to put it all back together. The Full Moon on Friday brings you money. If it’s all a dream — then dream on, dream on, dream on. I’ll see you in your dreams in another part of forever.

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