The CD “Zodiac,” an amalgam of my love for music and the beauty of astrology, produced by 7 times 7 Records, is ready. It comprises 12 tunes for the 12 signs, plus my celestial intro, “Candle Song.” Please, if it be your will, light a candle in the dark, slip it in and experience my (3) loves!

c GEMINI (5.21-6.21)  I hear your mama calling. Mercury, your ruler, just entered the sign of Cancer ’til June 25th. Domestic concerns, picnics, cleaning up the pad, childcare, changing the “diapers” of humanity and friends, water meditations, being overly sensitive, being a “crybaby” and whining to get what you want all lead to communicating with your mom. Your relationship with your mom is the foundation of your relationship with the universe. Two long weeks to figure out who you love…?

d CANCER (6.22-7.22)  An emphasized Mercury (Sun in Gemini) just entered your sign for these next 3 weeks. Write those letters, communicate, and relate. Read Liz Greene’s “Relating.” I am. “Relating is a fundamental aspect of life. It is archetypal, which means that it is an experience which permeates the basic structure not only of the human psyche but of the universe in its entirety.” —Liz Greene. Mercury’s function is to help us dissociate ourselves from our inherent animal nature.

e LEO (7.23-8.22)  Go to bed early on Thursday and/to dream about which economic path to take (Sun square Mars in Virgo). There are problems involving your reputation, leadership and who’s taking care of the details ’til the 4th of July. On the morning of Wednesday the 13th, wake up early to the solution from/and council with your mentor/Merlin (Sun trine Saturn in Libra).

f VIRGO (8.23-9.22)  Time to party! Perhaps at your house? Please read Gemini. It’s true for you too — except that you’ve got 2 looong weeeeks to party! Now, please read Cancer (above) for the answer. It’s true for you, too.

g LIBRA (9.23-10.22)  Three more weeks to decide… School, travel, LOVE — or both? Yes. I realize that’s how confused you are. Realize that God doesn’t care who, what or how you love; God only cares whether or not you have to lie, cheat, steal or kill as part of the process. Your only commandment be: thou shalt love.

h SCORPIO (10.23-11.22)  We thought we lost you! Ahhh…the price of invisibility. You see, you miss the bad stuff (and yes, the bad stuff misses you too), but then it’s possible that you may miss the good stuff, too. It’s okay. You can come out and play in a week. After this week, “luck” is/will no longer be working against you, as Jupiter, the ruler of your “astro economy” and luck, moves out of opposition around lunchtime on the 11th. Bon appétit, ’til next we speak.

i SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.21)  How was your FULL MOONday, the 5th? Did you decide what/where/who you want to be by 6 short Moons from now? You will. You’re on your way back…but to where? Let’s look… Ahh…a coming year of expanding through communication in order to get some perspective/feedback on who you are from the objective point of view/the world/the people around you. Nothing like “good,” honest feedback to/for a good, honest philosopher, prophet and teacher like yourself, right? Who of us knows what we truly look like?

j CAPRICORN (12.22-1.20)  Two more vague, unsustainable, insubstantial weeks… Read and do everything you possibly can with/about “yoga” to sustain your highest and truest self during the final retrograde days of your ruler, Saturn (the planet of time and karma), which has been in retrograde since the week before Valentine’s Day. Ring a bell? Ding, dong, it’s almost gone. Stand on your head for 5 minutes a day and wait for the sound of many waters… AUM… Here comes the water bearer, now!

k AQUARIUS (1.21-2.19)  The Moon’s in Aquarius ’til two twenty-two(n) on Saturday afternoon. Make music before you lose…“ick.” Let’s see… The Sun is square Mars at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday; a fight/argument over money with an impetuous Aries? All good aspects on Friday! Love in the morning (the Moon trine Venus). Sun in the afternoon (the Moon trine the Sun). Early to bed catches an idea/realization concerning your health and/or work (Mercury trine Neptune in Pisces) during your dreams. All’s well after that (the Moon trine Saturn in Libra after midnight).

l PISCES (2.20-3.20)  Talk about your dreams on Saturday at sunset — but this time, listen. See what your dreams have to tell you, rather than the other way around. Wonder how the MOJO knows that? You lose your mystical enchantment once you’ve put your “foot” down. (Beware: astro pun! Look out/deep.) Mystical realities are just those that don’t require substantiality for verification. You either know you “know” — or you don’t. You either “will” — or you won’t. See you in dreams…

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  On Moonday, use your intuition. Her sister, Inspiration, comes at around 3:28 p.m., Omax time, on Tuesday, as the Moon conjuncts the planet of the unusual and unexpected, Uranus. I’d suggest that you hide and/or study astrology or the like — but honestly, when was the last time you even looked at a book? Reemerge for a little chitchat a little after 10:00 p.m., and see which/what bed you (can) hop into. Hide on Wednesday, after sunset.

b TAURUS (4.21-5.20)  Wow! Take the power of luck and ease away (Jupiter), and you’re left treading water and gasping for breath like the rest of us. Power’s in the air (Gemini is an air sign), and that’s where the money is too — for you. It’s time for you to communicate. Sure, you’re good-looking, but wha’cha got to say? Too much in the way of good looks can get in the way of our need/ability/mandate to communicate. Welcome back to our Mother Earth. Tell/show us what your dreams are worth.

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