Happy Full Moon in early Sagittarius just before midnight on Friday, kickin’ off the wildest weekend this spring! It’s time to talk, talk, talk about it! You’ll see. Have fun, ’cuz if it’s not fun — it’s not done.


c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  One more month of Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) in your sign, especially affecting those Geminis born in mid-June. This weekend initiates the denouement with a BANG! The Full Moon on Friday (the 24th) night is in your opposite sign (which is ruled by the aforesaid Jupiter); the nefarious, outrageous, contagious, “contrariest” sign of Sagittarius. Dare I mention voraciously loquacious? Start talkin’ lucky! Use it before you lose it on June 25th.

d CANCER (6.20-7.21)  In one more Full Moon, Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) enters your sign, where it will be in its exaltation and highest expression. Could be lottery time for you! You know, it’s the American dream where one gets more money than one deserves, dislodging all concepts of karma in the process, but it’s sooooo much money that everybody’s got to be nice to you anyway…’til you try and join the country club and OLD MONEY puts you back in your rookie place, Rookie! ’Til then, look for the one or two skeletons still moldering in your closet — based on something you’ve said in the past (Jupiter in your 12th House of Gemini) — and turn it around.

e LEO (7.22-8.21)  Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! Time for you to listen, for a change. Let someone else lead the conversation. Listen for a change (it’s written twice because it can be taken in 2 ways), and find out who’s got the brains. Hire ’em to middle the nuts and bolts and handle/middle the riddle of any revolts, and/then you won’t have to get YOUR precious “hands” dirty. You can always use a Merlin, can’t you? The helpers you need/seek are out there. Just listen… Do/can you hear me, your majesty? (Now I see that I’ve got your attention!) Love, your Merlin. (That can be taken in 2 ways, also…)

f VIRGO (8.22-9.21)  Your primary concern ’til June is to gauge how the world perceives you. As a child of Mother Nature, you’re here to serve others, feed their needs, sprout their seeds and help them manifest/achieve their deeds. People will have to know you in order to gauge their tru$t in/of/for you? Take an objective view of any accrued pa$t revenue and how it came to you. That’s how the world (of bu$ine$$) knows you.

g LIBRA (9.22-10.21)  I see two lovers… How does the MOJO know that you’re caught red-handed (Venus is in Gemini!), stranded, branded and reprimanded? Time for you to take a short trip before you/they flip — and write a book about it. Some kinda school (9th House) has a GOLDEN RULE for “you’ll”… (And anything for any rhyme of any “khynde,” at any “thyme”!)

h SCORPIO (10.22-11.20)  Wow! You made it through Taurus unscathed! I hope you low-profiled, even amidst the rush/musk of spring! Admit it! You’d do anything, I can guess, for a/that little caress? And then, it’s more or less…your guess? It builds! Let me he[l]p you to/through the organic process: Gather, accumulate, pressure, release. First, last, and “all ways.” (You just can’t get anything like that/this in the “World Herald”!)

i SAGITTARIUS (11.21-12.20)  The Full Moon on the night of Friday, the 24th, is in your sign, whilst Venus and Mercury, conjunct within 5 to 6 degrees of Jupiter, are all partying in late Gemini — your opposite sign. Pop in somewhere, uninvited… Be the loud person at a quiet party and help kick it into gear! Ask your/the hostess what time the sex usually starts. Take a hot bath and then meditate into a foggy mirror until you disappear, and your path will become clearer. It’s your wild weekend, my dear!

j CAPRICORN (12.21-1.18)  You’ve got a month and a half to meditate on how to relate and regenerate the state of your (partner’s) fate. Saturn’s retrograde in Scorpio ’til July 8; the next Cazimi New Moon in your opposite sign of Cancer. It’ll seem like Halloween (Saturn direct at 7° Scorpio). Scared? By then, we’ll see what you’re gonna be…

k AQUARIUS (1.19-2.17)  Saturnians: Please read Capricorn, above. Uranians: What happened last spring? What happened this spring? Whatever form they took, they’re [over]due to produce a culminating “baby” by next spring. Your keys for the next 5 years (while Uranus transits Aries) are/will be leadership, your face, the color red, initiation, new starts, mechanics, weapons, tools, breakin’ rules and a whole menagerie of April-born fools.

l PISCES (2.18-3.19)  The Full Moon is in mouthy, brutally frank, fearless, peerless Sagittarius, opposite the Sun, Mercury (mentality) and Venus (desire); all squaring your Pisces planets this weekend. You’re about to become your own worst enemy…again! You won’t/don’t have to hide this time, if you can/could just keep your mouth shut. Uhhhh…? Maybe you should hide?

a ARIES (3.20-4.18)  Please read about the Uranian aspects from/of Aquarius, above. Maybe you’re mentioned? Your color for the next 5 years is/will grow to be an electric, light-blue hue. Your key word is altruism. Your technological key will be electricity, and you are either studying and/or becoming the unusual, the eccentric and/or the bizarre. When you wish upon a star, your 3rd eye (the pineal gland) sees who you are…

b TAURUS (4.19-5.19)  Fiery Mars is kickin’ it through Taurus ’til June. Martians are messy, juvenile catalysts who blaze/blast through life without too much concern, as they trash and burn and expect the Virgos to test their stress and clean up the[ir] mess by the time they return. You’d think/hope they’d learn, but it’s just not their turn. Who do you love? Who came to mind?

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