Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Get ready to get unstuck in time.

The earth will soon pass through a strange space anomaly that will shred our time stream like a cheese grater. Time will move faster and slower on earth, depending on where you are standing, and it will be possible for a person to age years in an instant by entering some spots while a move to another location will cause time to all but stop for them.

Less dramatically, people will find it impossible to schedule anything, as simply moving from home to work, or even across an office, will throw their schedule off by hours. This will be an economic catastrophe for the planet, and although the phenomenon will be relatively short-lived — a few weeks in absolute time — it will cost the economies of Earth trillions of dollars, collapsing some country’s economies.

There will be a silver lining, however. One small island in the pacific will have experienced such a sped-up timeline that they will have advanced thousands of years beyond the rest of the world and will have developed remarkable new technology. It will be as though people from our future are now living among us, and bringing a wealth of world-enhancing devices with them.

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