Who’d ever think that a pig could help a farmer round up sheep? Oh. Right. You know about that seven Oscar- nominated 1995 movie. But who thought of that charming idea first? Answer: Dick King Smith in 1983 with Babe, The Sheep Pig.

Now, live on stage at The Rose Theater in a barnyard near you, Babe lives again to keep those furry wool-bearers in line. Smith and David Wood corralled this version a couple of years after the movie became such a hit.

The script poses the question: can such a small rotund creature make it in a dog’s world especially when farmyard friends are in trouble?  “This is real theatre, with an appeal to all, from infant to octogenarian, in whom a sense of wonder and a bright imagination are alive and well,” enthused Eastern Daily Press.

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

Babe, The Sheep Pig performs Sept.8-24 at The Rose Theater, 2001 Farnam St. Fri.: 7 p.m.  Sat. 2 & 5 p.m. Sun:  2 p.m. Tickets: $20 http://www.rosetheater.org

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