The Teen Menace Rampages Again

And Keeps on Singing

Brian DePalma’s 1976 movie Carrie has become a legend. That was a spin-off from Stephen King’s novel of two years before. The book is the source of another legend: Carrie The Musical, now materializing at SNAP Productions. This one’s cause for fame is based on a lot of bad things. Not those that happen in the story, but how the show fell over and died even after being revived. Critics slashed it to ribbons. .

The thing first saw light at Stratford on Avon in 1988. The Broadway version that same year became a corpse in after five melts under the lights. Never you mind, girl. She came back so often you’d think she was a zombie. Off-Broadway in 2012. In 2015 in London, and L.A. where it was renamed  Carrie the Killer Musical Experience. Hold on. There’s more. Author Erik Jackson wanted to create another take on the musical but Stephen King killed that. Eventually the author gave Jackson the OK to turn it into a play. That was performed off-Broadway in 2006 with female impersonator Sherry Vine as the teenage menace. There have also been send-ups such as Scarrie! The Musical  and Carrie’s Facts of Life  a hybrid incorporating elements of the sitcom The Facts of Life. 

Should you have spent the last 40 years in the dark about the story, glom this: Carrie White is a Maine teen bullied at school and tormented by her oppressively religious fanatic mother. But the girl has telekinetic powers. So she turns the tables. And chairs. And lamps. And, gosh a mighty, doesn’t that just go on?   

The talents who put this thing together have major credits. For the pop-rock songs they are Academy Award-winning composer Michael Gore: Fame, Terms of Endearment and  Academy Award-winning lyricist Dean Pitchford:  Fame, Footloose. The book is by Lawrence D. Cohen who had adapted King’s novel for the DePalma movie and for the 2013 film re-do. These three chaps revised the musical for the 2012 off-Broadway show which did well at the box office.  

The SNAP 13-member cast is directed by Todd Brooks. Jason DeLong is the choreographer.

You bloody well better believe it.

Carrie The Musical runs June 1-25, SNAP Productions, 3225 California St. Thurs.Fri.Sat. (except June 8): 8 p.m. Sun.: 6 p.m. Also June 17 and 25: 2 p.m. Tickets $20-$25.

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