Darian Stout

As long as it is chocked full of caffeine and practically lukewarm, for many the best part of waking up tastes, well, something like Folgers. Bitter, earthy to the point of dirt, and a mix of bland and burnt comprise the flavor notes for mo... Read more


Let's say it’s Friday, and the sun has gone down. A wearisome set of days and a skipped lunch have you communicating with words like “I don’t know, what sounds good to you?” If this has or will hit somewhere close to your gut, you might con... Read more


Avi Buffalo w/ Mother Culture Slowdown, 729 N. 14th St. 9 p.m., $8, It’s easier to tone down our personal disappointments when we are able to relate them to others’ failures. Conversely, through their sudden triumphs we can... Read more