Build the Wall. Be Immune.

Corona bologna

by Michael Braunstein

Bioweapon? Superbug? Freak of nature? Zoonotic lunchmeat? Well, we don’t know exactly what this newest novel virus officially named COVID-19 is all about. And in fact, it doesn’t really matter. Whether relatively benign or stealthily virulent, what anyone in their right mind would want to do is to make certain their natural immunity is ramped up and working at its best.

Our immune system is remarkable and complex. It includes a number of variables. Although the Western medical model focuses on killing threats, Nature works differently by reinforcing our natural bodily defenses. Let’s review some topics that can support your vital immune system. Bear in mind, these are personal observations by a non-medical human who considers these steps valid based on research, personal experience and rational thinking. That’s all they are.


Sleep. Get a good amount of sleep. This is a no-brainer. If you’re not getting some, find out how.
Food. Now is the time to eat real food, not junk food. You have google. Find the foods that lower inflammation and support the immune system. Focus on nutrients not calories. Do I have to tell you that refined sugar is toxic? Think outside the box with your research. Did you know cell walls are mostly lipids? (That’s fat.) There is such a thing as “good fat” that should be in your diet. “Build the wall!”
Hydrate. Always a good idea but now as a defense against invasive biologicals, very important. Keeping the skin and mucous membranes fully hydrated makes for a good wall. Dry surfaces mean cracks and breaches.
Stress test. Stress kills; proven fact. Whenever anyone asks my opinion about a health issue, the very first, number one thing I feel is important is meditation. If one is not unlearning the stressful teachings of the world by disciplining the seat of thought there is little chance of right thinking and thoughts poorly chosen are the very cause of stress. Learn legitimate meditation and practice it.
Exercise. I’m not fond of that word because it implies some sort of regimented obligation like going to the gym or paying money for yoga classes. Those are good things but consider this. Keeping moving and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is a much better way of looking at it. Sit at your desk all day then spend 45 minutes at the gym after work? Not as good in my opinion as always taking the stairs, walking to work, keeping active and moving about.

Okay, now to special steps for immune support. In times when needed or even some as routine maintenance, consider these, in no particular order.

Neti pot Learn the true, traditional method. I definitely, absolutely avoid the modern drugstore versions. Those force a stream of liquid into the nasal passage. Completely contrary to good practice. With a neti, the stream gently flows past the sinus and draws any mucus from the cavity by using the natural hydraulics of the Bernoulli principle and Venturi effect. This wasn’t thought out or designed by the ancient Tibetans who first used it. They simply did it and noticed lavage works. Scientifically understanding it was left to those of us who obsess with that.

Herbals. There are a number of herbs and composite natural remedies I have turned to in the past. Usually I seek high quality tincture over powdered form. So far, so good.
Astragalus root. Many sources suggest this is useful in early stages or preventative.
Echinacea. This is a real “go to” for immune system support. It’s native to the prairie and seen as the common coneflower. We’ve even grown and rendered our own tinctures. My understanding is that it’s best before an illness appears as tonic support. Best tinctures use the root, stems and aerial parts, the full plant.
Jade screen. This is a composite common to Traditional Chinese Medicine. In traditional tea ball pill form, Jade Screen is a tonic that is presumed to defend against infection.
Bupleurum. (1) I admittedly have little experience with this herbal and have only recently learned from my acupuncturist Joel Dunning, L.Ac., (2) that it is one of his favorites for use after an infection has already emerged.
Olive leaf extract, oregano, garlic and more. Many plants are actively antiviral. Understanding how and when to use them requires some research. For example, garlic, while strong medicine, loses much of its power when cooked so go with raw.

Other steps. Certainly a visit to your massage therapist, herbalist, acupuncturist and chiropractor will help tune up your immune system. With Western medicine finally recognizing that boosting the immune system is a viable and important response to illness, traditional medicine has been doing that all along. Rely on holistic health care.

Note: My preferred brand of herbal tinctures is Energique. I have been to their facility and seen the quality control and proprietary steps they take to prepare their products. One can find most of their products at Dr. Jeffrey Meyers’ (3) office in Omaha.

It seems to me that being proactive and taking responsibility for our health is much better than waiting for someone else to tell us about our body and just give us another prescription drug. Health is natural. So turning to nature makes sense.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Important to remember and pass on to others: for a weekly dose of Heartland Healing, visit




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