Protesters Need to Turn Out at the Polls, City Council Proposes Mask Mandate, Teachers Retire Early to Stay Safe and More Top Local News for Monday, August 3

8/03/20 • Day 43 of Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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Black Lives Matter. So Does Voting

How will the recent protests against police brutality affect the country’s future? Tim McMahan believes that the greatest changes will come if all the young protesters show up to vote.

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Today we have stories about how the recent protests might affect voter turnout in the upcoming elections, the Omaha City Council proposing a mask mandate and Nebraska teachers retiring early for their safety as schools reopen while coronavirus cases rise.

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Invent a New Board Game

You have 14 games in your closet, each missing approximately one-third of the pieces. What happens when you mix and match? Throw out the rules and create a brand-new game!

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