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Promising new gallery in town double debuts Friday 13th in middle of virus surge

Lub Poeem, “The Brave Little Tailor (Vase for Ari),” 2020, basalt rock and nasturtium

True to its contrarian origins, a new gallery in town will risk a double debut in the middle of a pandemic surge this Friday the 13th of all days in November. It will all happen in Little Italy: the first solo exhibition by American artist Lub Poeem, which is also the inaugural show at the new venue, Baader-Meinhof. Find them, prepared for your socially distanced enjoyment, from 7-10 p.m. at 1322 South 6th Street.

The exhibition, Repetition, Difference and the Time it takes to tie one’s shoes radiates from a convergence of seemingly disparate thoughts inspired by: the standardization of timekeeping ushered in by the railways; by the Golden Spike monument in Council Bluffs that marks the eastern terminus of the Transcontinental Railway; and by Russia’s Kola Superdeep Bore Hole, a now-abandoned scientific drilling project aimed at penetrating the Earth’s crust, resulting in the deepest artificial point on the globe.

Through their sculptures reanimating a variety of reclaimed materials, including pipe, stone and railroad ties, Poeem attempts to determine a universal language to describe time and place and our relationship with each.

“Whether we describe it as a whole, a hole, a clock or a measuring stick,” the show statement asks, “the manner by which we measure time and seek to define our place within it comes riddled with challenges and wonders abounding. How shall we meet the universe halfway? Why don’t you just meet me in the middle? “

If “meeting in the middle” means attending the exhibit’s opening, despite the recent coronavirus resurge in Nebraska, Baader-Meinhof founder Kyle Laidig is confident that both safe indoor protocols and outdoor space for socializing is in place.

“In regards to COVID procedures, we will be allowing 10 people at a time into the gallery,” Laidig said.  “Masks are required at all times, whether inside the gallery or socializing outside. There will be COVID-safe beverages, and we insist that attendees practice social distancing measures. We will have masks and hand sanitizer on hand to insure everyone is kept as safe as humanly possible.”

Repetition, Difference and the Time it takes to tie one’s shoes opens 7:10 p.m., Friday, November 13 and continues through Friday, December 11. After the opening reception, interested visitors need to request an appointment by emailing info@baader-meinhof.org. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday from 1-6 p.m.

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