2011 Omaha Poetry Slam Team Finals

PICK OF THE WEEK April 9 2011 Omaha Poetry Slam Team Finals OM Center, 1216 Howard St. $7 suggested donation, 7:30 p.m., 402-345-5078, omahahealingarts.com   It’s been said that reading a play doesn’t do much of anything for the reader — as any Shakespeare scholar or bored college sophomore can tell you, you have to see it on stage. And maybe it’s the same with poetry. It’s not enough to read it; you have to see it, feel it, breath it to really get it. It’s the difference between a book of stale stanzas and an electrifying performance. For years, the Omaha Slam Poetry team has been honing the art of poetry as performance. And now it’s time for the best of the best to rise up to the top as the team heads toward the Boston finals.

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