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Multi-media artist Burmeister continues experiments in the human condition at MAM

Popular multi-media artist Jamie Burmeister will bring his latest variation on a theme of “vermin.me” and automata to Modern Arts Midtown when his new month-long exhibit opens March 3 from 6-8 p.m.

Burmeister’s experiments with sculpture, new media, installation, mechanics and electronics, computers and the Internet have created a diverse body of work that has never failed to amaze and entertain his audience.

All of these works have elements of humor, absurdity and the mundane. Many of the pieces are interactive, creating situations where the viewer becomes a part of the piece, and he promises this new exhibit will continue that expectation with some extra-added attractions.

“There will be some ceramic and bronze vermin doing their thing,” Burmeister said. “I am experimenting with the scale of some of the figurative work. Most of the pieces involve the human form in some way.

I have been using myself as the subject for many of the new pieces. The new approaches involve kinetic and interactive pieces. I have been interested in automata for a long time.”

Without being didactic, Burmeister and his art have always commented on the human condition from his everyman “vermin.me” project to his animated objects made of humble materials in every day situations. Yet, social commentary aside, perhaps the greatest takeaway is an appreciation of his clever merging of digital and mechanical technologies to create both grins and “aha” moments.

Jamie Burmeister’s artworks have been exhibited in galleries, museums and public places throughout the world. His “vermin.me” project has resulted in over 520 installations of small ceramic figures in public places on several continents, 20 countries and 22 US states.

Jamie Burmeister and his “vermin.me” and automat will open Friday, Mar. 3, from 6-8 p.m. at Modern Arts Midtown and continue till Mar. 31. For more info and gallery hours, go to modernartsmidtown.com.

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