Amy Schumer

One night stop in Omaha

If you have yet to see the movie Trainwreck, staring Amy Schumer, and if you enjoy a feel-good comedy with a self-destructing, dynamic character, that will help resolve your own conflicting issues about your past relationships and mistakes, stop reading this. Now, go rent, stream or buy one of the funniest movies I have seen this past year and prepare to laugh, just a little bit. You may also feel awkward, that may have just been me. However, the awkwardness matched with the main character’s quirky one-liners and let’s be honest here, promiscuous attitude are what make this movie shine as comedic work. Schumer’s character precariously jumps from man to man until she finds one who is trying to break her routine. The thing about Schumer, based on reviews, articles, her personal social media and interviews, her refreshing free spirited and outspoken attitue are not acting. If you follow my advice and end up liking the movie, purchase a ticket to Schumer’s one night stop in Omaha for her Spring Tour. While you are on an Amy Schumer spree, pre-order her book, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo. The book will officially be released on Aug. 16 and I am sure, once more, we can expect chuckles, giggles, chortle and bursts of laughter from this multitalented woman.

Saturday, April 23

Amy Schumer

CenturyLink Center, 455 North 10th Street

8:00 p.m., $37-$123

Category: Art

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