Autumn Fire

Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour adds its own fall colorful wizardry

Making for a great day trip as autumn arrives, the 14thOmaha North Hills Pottery Tour opens this weekend, Oct. 6-7, as nineteen potters from both near and far gather to share their creative shapes and styles “as diverse as a wizard’s spells.”

Spokesman for this annual event, Carol Dennison adds, “Pottery entails a certain kind of wizardry, a bit of Harry Potter and the alchemist at work. Combinations of earth, fire, water, and air, a wave of the wand and POOF! Magic gone right! The result, a beautiful vessel to hold the stuff of life.”


Visitors can follow this free, self-guided tour along scenic Hwy 75 between Omaha and Herman, just north of Blair, NE. Along the way, nationally recognized clay artists will offer handmade articles for everyday use as well as sculptural artworks.

Four tour stops include The Florence Mill, a historic Mormon grain mill, John Dennison’s studio in Ponca Hills, Too Far North Wine Tasting in Ft. Calhoun, and Liz Vercruysse and John Martelle’s Big Table Studios in Herman, NE. This year, Tom Hubbell, Omaha potter, will be a new face at the Florence Mill.

Each stop has its own magic. “While there’s no ‘eye of newt’ in the homemade soups or wood fired pizzas, there’s a chance to sit a spell with the wizards themselves and to learn something of their art and craft and maybe, just, maybe feel the magic,” Dennison said.


Tour hours are 10AM-7PM on Saturday and 10AM-5PM on Sunday. Download a tour map and meet the artists at

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