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Despite differences, Generator Space 2-person show a variation on a sculptural theme

Sarah Hummel Jones, “melancholy town where we never smile,” digital print, 8.5″ x 11″, 2019

The Generator Space will present the show I borrow my comparisons from clay, being clay myself on November 8th. The two-person exhibition will feature work by ceramicist Sarah Hummel Jones and Lincoln-based painter Erik Daniel White.

Curated by Hummel Jones, the show focuses on an aesthetic conversation between Daniel White’s highly sculptural paintings and her own ceramics. Emphasizing the value of commodities, both artists toy with simulated reality in their work.

Erik Daniel White “Sunset Two” Oil on Linen, 48 x 36 inches, 2019

Daniel White’s paintings are simulations of compositions made in never-dry clay. Such scenes emphasize the “economies of excess,” depicting dollar bills, suburban scenes, and trophies.

Hummel Jones too plays with commodity fetishism with her ceramic food simulacrums. These replicas of gas station donuts, pizza slices, and chocolate chip cookies are arranged in stacks and clusters and colored in supersaturated glazes.

I borrow my comparisons from clay, being clay myself opens November 8th runs until December 20th at the Generator Space Gallery located at 1804 Vinton Street in Omaha, Nebraska. Gallery hours are Thursday and Friday 12pm-5pm. For more info, go to




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