Little Gallery group exhibit highlights artists who struggle with chronic medical issues

Jennifer Shannon. Untitled painting of a heart from Little Gallery show, “Condtions”

The new year for Benson’s Little Gallery begins with a group exhibit, Conditions. The show features work by and about artists with chronic medical conditions. Through a variety of mediums and styles, the challenges, struggles and rewards of life with chronic illness and pain are used as subject and inspiration for each artist.

For example, Jeff Mack creates from the remains of his treatment using needles, syringes and such. Through various analog and digital processes, he creates abstract cyanotype images that examine relationships between himself, the tools of his treatment and the viewer.

Others, like Jennifer Shannon, create imaginary landscapes, stills and portraits, featuring organs and body parts, veins flowing into trees, or an exposed ribcage full of flowers. Employing thick applications of paint and found objects, many of her paintings become tactile sculptures.

The Little Gallery is located at 5901 Maple St. in Benson. Conditions opens with a reception for the artists on Jan. 3, from 6-9 p.m., and runs through Jan. 25. See the gallery’s Facebook page at Polecat Communications for further information or email info@polecatcommunications.com.


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