Disco Ball: The Studio 54 VIP Experience

May 14 Disco Ball: The Studio 54 VIP Experience Sokol Auditorium, 2234 S. 13th St, 8 p.m., $10/ADV $15/DOS, sokolunderground.com Even though the most avid of disco fans will profess it never died, the Omaha dance scene has had a bit of a disco revival over the last few months. Saturday’s Disco Ball: The Studio 54 Experience celebrates this rebirth with a flashback party to an era of glitz and glam. This experience obviously will not quite approach the original 54’s famous stars, exhibitionisms, and lines of white powder trailing from bathroom stalls, but it’s Omaha’s best replica. The event features choreographed disco dancers, New York DJs Dr. Love and the Disco Inferno, plus a showcase of disco fashions by local designer Shamina Wiek. With an appropriate sponsorship by vintage store Weird Wild Stuff, the proceeds also benefit the Autism Center of Nebraska.

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