Masters and Music: String Theory

Oct. 24 Masters and Music: String Theory UNO Art Gallery, 6001 Dodge St. 5 p.m., $15, 554.2402 Local artist Leslie Iwai captivated the audience during her 2008 MONA performance piece, “Fee! Fie! Fo! Fum!” after spending four months baking chalk-laced bread to present an “exploration of hunger, myth and hope.” More recently, Iwai meticulously hung 900 clay horses in the Florence Mill ArtLoft, a testament to her commitment to the artistic process. Titled, Holding My Horses, the piece addressed issues of reservations and anticipation. In response to the popularity of the well-respected artist, The University of Omaha’s Friends of Art is hosting “Masters and Music: String Theory,” the first in its three part series. Featuring Iwai and musician/composer Dr. Barry Ford, “String Theory” will discuss topics ranging from collaborative composition practices to translating physical activities into metaphors.

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