‘Fine’ Indeed

Project Project closes impressive ‘This Is Fine’ exhibit with Myers’ artist talk

Gallery Project Project will offer patrons a second chance to view its highly successful November exhibit, This Is Fine, with a gallery talk and closing reception with artist Alex Myers this Saturday, from 7-9 p.m.

This is Fine features an array of mixed-format digital works from Myers, an Assistant Professor of Interaction Design at Creighton University. The artist relies on constant experimentation and research in to recreate his dense yet pleasing imagery. What initially appear as bizarre scenarios or metaphoric figures reveal themselves with careful examination and more than a bit of imagination.

“I like connecting disparate thoughts,” Myers said about his show. “I create surrealistic scenes by exploring the potentials of data transmutation. Cutting, chopping, stretching ideas, forms, and thoughts until they’re barely recognizable.”

Myers says his research is far ranging and includes games, architecture, violence, fear, mysticism, ambiguity, perception, movement, nature, extinction, death, and loss.

As for his methods and materials, they change to fit the needs of his project, but he adds, “I spend a lot of time working in 3D environments like Blender and Unity.”

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