Following Her ‘Instinct’

Zodiac Gallery features Waldach’s inscribed prints of ambiguous human behavior

Nature versus nurture. Innate response or conditioned behavior? How do we humans act and react along lines that are inherent to our beings, as opposed to uniquely individual? And, how do we interpret the demeanor of others?

These questions seem to lie at the heart of Berlin artist Brigitte Waldach’s recent inscribed Instinct prints, featured at the Moving Gallery’s Garden of the Zodiac venue in a show opening August 10 and running through September 10.

Waldach is known for her minimal and monochromatic sketches featuring people in various attitudes or in the midst of ambiguous actions, creating tiny open-ended narratives. Despite their economy, Waldach’s drawings bear an intriguing emotional freight and dramatic potential.

This is the third time Waldach’s work has been highlighted by the Moving Gallery, following on her inclusion in the large Portrait: Berlin show of 2007 and her solo exhibition of red Logical Landscape drawings in 2012.

The Moving Gallery’s Brigitte Waldach: Instinct is on view at the Garden of the Zodiac beginning Thursday, August 10 from 6:30-9pm and runs through September 10. The gallery, located at 1042 Howard Street in the Old Market Passageway, is open Tues-Sat from noon-8pm and on Sun from noon-

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