Found Footage Festival

April 22 Found Footage Festival Waiting Room, 6212 Maple St. 7 p.m., $10, If you like unintentional comedy and yearn for the days of the humble VCR, this is the show for you. According to their website, hosts and founders Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher “began collecting found videotapes in 1991 after stumbling across a training video entitled, ‘Inside and Outside Custodial Duties’ in a McDonald’s break room.” Hilarity and “an impressive collection of strange, outrageous, and profoundly stupid videos on VHS” ensued. One Percent Productions promises “bad celebrity career moves, drunk guys mooning Hare Krishnas, and, at long last, cats riding motorcycles.” Stick around for a rad late show with Back When, Little Brazil, Taking Mountain and Self Evident.

Category: Art

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