‘Glass Works’

Sunderland Gallery exhibit features Broman’s bold and delicate bell jars

Fans of Omaha glass blower Corey Broman have come to expect several things from an exhibition of his work: sculptural presence, refined elegance, intricate patterning and, quite often, bold color.

Glass Works, opening at Cathedral’s Sunderland Gallery on April 23, will reward visitors with a renewed consideration of these defining characteristics, minus an emphasis on color.


Of late, Broman has been working through a fascination with the bell jar, a familiar type of clear glass dome or cloche that has a history in service of both decorative and scientific purposes.

Useful for their dust-free display properties, bell jars were an especially popular way in the Victorian era to arrange small treasured items or mementos into little still life arrangements—a kind of homey craft still employed in interior design. Science had also developed the ability to vacuum seal such domes, clearing the way for any number of significant experiments.

Broman reimagines this form and its contents in this exhibition, which features 25 mostly cloche-shaped sculptures, each with something special inside, ranging from botanical and geological specimens to such direct scientific references as the alarm clock experiment, wherein it was proved that sound needs air in which to travel. The new works demonstrate the artist’s ongoing play with the nature of his materials and their functional history, and his preferred balance between bold form and delicate detail.


Glass Works by Corey Broman opens at the Sunderland Gallery on Sunday, April 23 with an artist’s reception from 1-3pm, and continues its run through May 26. There is also a First Friday reception on May 5 from 5-7pm. The gallery is located at the Cathedral Cultural Center, 701 N. 40th Street and is open Tuesday through Friday from noon-4pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-3pm. There is no admission charge.

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