Feb. 20-Mar. 15


Blue Barn Theatre

614 S. 11th St.

Tickets: $20-$25


Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen wrote famed Peer Gynt, a wild, wide-ranging, world-crossing adventure of a foolish self-centered man who’s not so easy to love or to idolize, heavens above, told by a cast of more than 50 characters. Oops. Will Eno (called by The New York Times “a Samuel Beckett for the Jon Stewart generation”) takes the tall and slices off an hour of it, challenging you to decipher who is who while four performers play all the characters in Peter Gnit’s self-discovery trip. Contemporized, it can strike your funny bone while jabbing you where it might hurt with a sharp point about searching for meaningful relationships. Peter has problems being faithful. Eno doesn’t stay entirely faithful to the origins “I thought maybe some slight corrective was needed,” he says. Thom Pain (based on nothing) got Eno a Pulitzer Prize place in 2005. As for other places, he’s never been in Norway.

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