‘Grass is Always Greener’

Walters photo exhibit at Petshop offers ‘moments of clarity’ at personal crossroads

Photo by Rob Walters

Have you ever been at a crossroads?  Did you ever need a moment of guidance before making your next move?

Petshop Gallery offers just that sort of perspective with its exhibit The Grass Is Always Greenerwith artist Rob Walters, opening August 2, from 7-10 p.m.

The Grass Is Always Greenerfeatures photographs taken by Rob Walter that close in on moments of clarity.  Walters “points a lens at his world he says “to capture instances that can help us see past ourselves and at our personal narrative outside of ourselves”.

Walters also works with video and film to navigate through personal journeys in different places he’s been and the interactions while there. Raised in a military family, he picked up a Kodak camera at the age of 8 and documented the move with his family from California to New York.

The Grass Is Always Greeneropens First Friday and runs through the month of August at Petshop Gallery, 2725 N 62nd St.  Gallery hours are from 11 a.m to 2 p.m on Fridays or by appointment.  For more information, contact info@bensonfirstfriday.com.

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