Great American Comedy Festival

June 15-19 Great American Comedy Festival Johnny Carson Theatre/Norfolk Senior High School, 801 Riverside Blvd., Norfolk Neb. Various events, dates, times; tickets from $10 up If a comedy festival and Norfolk, Neb. seem an incongruous match, well, just remember Johnny Carson grew up there. The town’s also home to the Johnny Carson Theatre. And since 2008 this otherwise stoic northeast Nebraska hamlet has hosted a major comedy fest that “Late Show with David Letterman” talent coordinator Eddie Brill produces and books. Dick Cavett, Bill Dana and Ed Asner have been feted as legends. David Brenner has headlined there. This year, Louie Anderson headlines and Cloris Leachman accepts the legend award. They’re joined by established and emerging comics with serious funnyman cred. Comedy’s all about upsetting expectations, and with this event you’ll never think of Norfolk the same way again — that is if you ever thought of it in the first place. Rim shot, please. 

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