Helmet w/ Intronaut and Goes Cube

Oct. 10 Helmet w/ Intronaut and Goes Cube Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St. 9 p.m. $15, onepercentproductions.com   Page Hamilton, the man who introduced the world to drop D tuning (for better or worse) and the rest of Helmet will roar into town Sunday, Oct. 10, for a show with LA’s Intronaut and NYC screamers Goes Cube at the Waiting Room in Benson. Helmet’s been kicking around in various incarnations since 1989, and is probably best known for early ’90s output like Betty and 1992’s Meantime, which spawned the hits “Unsung” and “In the Meantime.” The band is currently touring in support of its seventh album, Seeing Eye Dog, which is being billed as “one of the band’s most uncompromising and ambitious releases, embodying the classic and utterly unique Helmet sound and pushing it into regions the band has never before explored.” Whether that’s true is up to you, but you can count on this: the band, known for playing at clavicle-rattling, colon-cleansing volume, is sure to put the Waiting Room’s PA to the test. Plan on bringing earplugs or expect to be saying “huh?” and “what?” for a couple days afterward.

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