Hinder w/ Red, Kopek & Royal Bliss

May 26 Hinder w/ Red, Kopek & Royal Bliss Stir Concert Cove, Harrah’s Casino 7 p.m., $24, 21+, harrahscouncilbluffs.com Stir Cove kicks off its certifiably awesome summer concert series this Thursday, with shows on the horizon that include the Black Keys and Flaming Lips. Curiously, they chose Hinder, everyone’s favorite jock-rock group of 2005, to get the ball rolling. These classy Midwest rockers have actually been around 10 years or so, making music during a couple of them, and partying for most of the rest. Hinder are currently plugging their new album All-American Nightmare and fresh single “What Ya Gonna Do.” Judging by the 30-second snippet I heard on their website, it rocks pretty darn hard. They’ve even been inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

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