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LA Cool royalty Ed Ruscha celebrated in Joslyn exhibit

Every state loves claiming its native sons and daughters, especially those who went on to fame and fortune. In Nebraska, for instance, one can reel off a stunning cast of actors who are household names. In the visual arts, however, deeper thought is required to assemble a similarly deep list of notables.

Among its forefront must be artist Ed Ruscha, who was born and reared in Omaha, then in Oklahoma City before making his way west for art school. Today, Ruscha is recognized as the king of LA Cool, a left coast participant in the nascent Pop Art movement and a leading light of Conceptualism.

Celebrating at last this masterly career, Joslyn Art Museum will feature an exhibition of his work in Word/Play: Prints, Photographs, and Paintings by Ed Ruscha, opening February 3. It promises to be a rangy show highlighting the artist’s wry aesthetic through several of his favored media, united by his interest in the written word and visual clichés as conceptual vehicles for object making.

Word/Play: Prints, Photographs, and Paintings by Ed Ruscha opens February 3 and runs through May 6, 2018, at Joslyn Art Museum. There is an admission fee for this show. The museum is located at 2200 Dodge Street. For further information, visit www.joslyn.org or call 402/342-3300.

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