August 27: Kat Moser—Inner Life/Outer World

August 27

Kat Moser—Inner Life/Outer World

Anderson O’Brien Fine Art Old Market, 1108 Jackson St.

Reception 6-9p.m., exhibit through September 11, 402.884.0911

Photographer Kat Moser invites viewers to “fall into the natural world” with 20 images of her ethereal, mystical, spiritual images of the feminine form, quiet waters and natural landscapes.  For Inner Life/Outer World, Moser joined women with the “barren primeval land” of the hills of western South Dakota Makhosica (the Badlands). The artist, who has explored the female form and nature for over 30 years, said “The Badlands represent the earth’s most difficult terrains. Clay is baked into fissures, violent storms constantly erode the landscape and strong winds blow its sand asunder. Yet the landscape is at once foreign and familiar, and also highly sensual. Slopes are sinuous, mounds undulate; clouds create shifting, beguiling shadows.”  The women, themselves representing spiritual, fertile feminine power, are exposed, “remaining rooted to Mother Earth while opening themselves to the higher power of the heavens.”

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