Linoma Mashers 25th Anniversary Show

Sept. 24 Linoma Mashers 25th Anniversary Show Gator O’Malley’s, 12143 W. Center Rd. 9 p.m., FREE, Born from the ashes of the Hutsuts and rising repeatedly to bring joy to the world, the Linoma Mashers unleash their seriously fun mix of ska, reggae and island music for a night to remember. Even if you weren’t alive in 1985, this is one party that will be talked about for years. The band is even bringing back Dan Prescher from parts unknown for the show. “We need the people there to light the spark,” drummer Steve Monson said. The wise music lover will arrive early. How did they pull off a free show, anyway? But the best part is not that it’s free. The best part is these guys are great and so is their band. Time to celebrate!

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