A Refined Palette

MAM redirects one's appetite for art in 'The Black & White Show'

Modern Arts Midtown’s next exhibit, The Black & White Show, opening Dec.4, 6-8 p.m., features 30 of the gallery’s stable of significant regional artists including Catherine Ferguson, Michael Tegland, James Freeman, Teresa Schmidt, Gary Day, Roberto Kusterle and owner Larry Roots, among others.  

The limited black and white palette with the occasional shock of color, promises a wide array of imaginative offerings, in a multitude of media approaches ranging from drawings to paintings, prints and sculptures.

Because of the cohesiveness and tight range of possibilities offered with a whole show of black, gray and white work, the viewer is promised a respite from the tendency of color to dominate so much of contemporary art. 

Without the siren song of color, one might instead pay attention to other considerations of design such as line, value and texture, which initially might have seemed limiting. 

We can study the rich subtleties offered in a limited palette—perhaps appropriate for the more contemplative possibilities one might look forward to in winter. We might even begin to appreciate the potential of using neutral black and white along with color in our personal collections, to quiet and unify the array of work in our homes.  More Zen!

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