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Lincoln artists Anway, Buschur create order out of chaos at Fred Simon Gallery

Lincoln artists Byron Anway and Jordan Buschur put a little order to chaos in the latest offering at the Nebraska Art’s Council’s Fred Simon Gallery. Their exhibition, Mass In, opens to the public on January 25 at 1004 Farnam Street, lower level, with an artist’s reception on January 29 from 5-7pm.

Anway will show large format watercolors and oil paintings that feature scenes of brawls and other dense crowd scenes inspired by events broadcast on the 24-hour news cycle. Buschur’s paintings are studies of volumes of a different sort—accumulations of items in junk drawers become her de facto psychological and consumerist portraits of family and friends.

The artists will also collaborate on several new artworks for the exhibition. Together, their laboriously detailed works present a vision of the fluid relationships between order and bedlam, the ordinary and the phenomenal.

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