‘Cool Abstraction’X3

Sculptor Bruning's new work to highlight April group exhibit at MAM

Cool Abstraction #3 opens April 1st, 6-8pm at Modern art Midtown. Sculptor Les Bruning will present two 8’ stainless steel pieces constructed on the basis of a series of carefully wrought 16”-18” maquettes, much as Fletcher Benton’s approach of presenting small beautifully made metal sculptures to suggest the larger possibility. 

There’s a simple elegance to Bruning’s new work that will fit well with the modernist aesthetic of today’s world.  Sculptor Stuart Wheat will offer painted wood assemblages somewhat reminiscent of Frank Stella’s in popping color to please the Midwest eye.

 Lincoln’s Marjorie Mikasen’s super-clean hardedge geometrics, (“Nascent” shown here), will offer an approach based on symbols from math and science which clearly have crossed over into visually pleasing shape and color combinations.  Mikasen showed work in “Art Seen” at Joslyn Art Museum recently. 

Also included in the April show are Gary Day, who recently moved to Florida after many years teaching for UNO, past UNO instructor and abstract painter Peter Hill, Lincoln’s Barb McCuen, now in her 60’s but new to the art scene with work that focuses on mid-century Architects Walter Gropius and Phillip Johnson, and sculptor Chris Cassimatis. MAM is at 3615 Dodge St. Hours: Tues-Sat, 11-6:00.  (402-502-8737)  

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