Double Vision

Gilmer, Newton share 'duo' photo exhibit at RNG Gallery in May

The artist and gallerist Rob Gilmer created his alter ego Dressor Newton as a vehicle for asking questions as well as exhibiting new work. How is our response to a work of art shaped by our sense of the artist who created it?  How much do the conventions of art affect our view of the world around us?

Gilmer and Newton (the boundaries between the two are still being negotiated as of this writing) surfaces again at RNG Gallery, May 9 and adds another layer to this inquiry by invoking the role of curator.

What is being curated, however, is not a collection of art works (or is it?) but rather a large stash of photographs taken by insurance company photographers to document the properties subject to their policies. 

Gilmer’s own photographs, often of ancient structures in exotic places, are juxtaposed with more prosaic images of real estate from the insurance files.  These often quite formalist depictions have been chosen by “Newton” with the intention of setting off visual echoes where one might least inspect them.

This comparative and conceptual exhibit, opening May 9, from 6-9 p.m. at RNG Gallery, 157 West Broadway in Council Bluffs, will continue through June 7.

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