Easing the Transition…

…from Efficiency to a Living Grave' helps Pet Shop Gallery launch its newly renovated venue

Easing the Transition from Efficient to a Living Grave, a group exhibition at Pet Shop Gallery curated by artist Derek Courtney, will open with a reception this Friday, Nov. 6, from 7-10 p.m.

Curator Courtney describes this group effort “as what people do to deal with living in our modern world.

“I was thinking about al the ways we distract, entertain and even numb ourselves to the life that is happening all around us. Often times, these coping mechanisms have detrimental effects on our physical and emotional well being.”

The group is as varied as their mediums of choice, and so far it includes Courtney, Alex Jochim, Mike Scheef, Joel Holm, Mike Bauer, Dustin Bythrow, Evelyn Render-Katz and Phil Reno who offers a musical piece as well.

“I gave them all very general instructions on what approach to take with their piece without telling them the overall theme,” Courtney said. “This was fun for me because…I was able to tell a fellow artist to try something I’ve been waiting to see from them for years. I even approached a musician friend (Reno) about supplying a soundtrack for the event.”

Easing the Transition…continues all through November at Pet Shop, located at 2725 N. 62nd St. in Benson. 

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