Fitting ‘Homage’

Buis exhibit at Bancroft paints tribute to many in her 39-year career

It’s no surprise to see that artist, instructor and writer Eddith Buis has amassed as many friends as she has.

 As a 39-year veteran art teacher for Omaha Public Schools and Metropolitan Community College and a longtime artist, Buis has become well known for her work across multiple mediums.

You may have come across her earlier concrete or clay sculptures or one of the figures of the J. Doe Public Art project she initiated back in 2001. More recently she may have been spotted drawing at Omaha theatre and dance events to improve her skills as a draughtsman and to record moments for these artists.

These drawings became the inspiration for her linocut print work and the watercolors on display in her latest solo exhibition, Homage, at the Bancroft Street Market Gallery.

Appropriately named, this exhibition pays tribute to the many friends Buis has met along her journey and honors these subjects in their respective artistic fields. Omaha painter Kristin Pluhacek and photographer Monte Kruse are just two of the more than 50 featured in the exhibit.

Homage will be on display from 12-4pm on August 6 and 7 and August 13 and 14 at the Bancroft Street Market, 10th and Bancroft.

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