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Modern Arts Midtown features group of four artists with their 'Keen Observations"

Modern Arts Midtown will open Keen Observations, March 6th, 6-8 p.m. Artists showcased in this show are Iowa-educated Merrill Peterson from Lincoln and include Justin Meyer from Blair with graphite drawings, Omahan Charles Novich with both drawings and paintings, and Jane Pronko from Kansas City with painting.

The common thread through the work of all these artists is a dedication to the careful rendering of subject matter with painted or drawn means.

Peterson is the focal artist in this exhibit.  His goal is to challenge what he initially sees.  Then by repeatedly observing his subject, “the odd and unexpected shapes and color on a reflected surface, almost nothing is what it first appears to be.”  

Rendering carefully in a trompe l’oeil oil technique, these unexpected, even paradoxical shapes and colors within objects seem to become the subject of the paintings, and quite beautiful to behold.


Keen Observations runs MARCH 6 – 28 and this opening is free to the public at MAM, 3615 Dodge St, Omaha, NE  (near Midtown Crossing). Event parking is 1/2 block east, courtesy of Mutual of Omaha 

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