Jonathan Fineberg, Visiting Presidential Professor, University of Nebraska will present the third of four lectures in the series The origin of the Image: What Modern Art Tells Us About the Mind, on March 13, 6:30 p.m. at Kaneko, 1111 Jones Street. Kaneko’s press release announces “Fineberg’s third lecture, ‘The Nature Theater: Art and Politics’ will build on the first two, arguing – principally in the work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude as well as perhaps in that of some artists of interwar Europe and some contemporary artists in China – that works of art, because of their access to unconscious meaning and their ability to modify unconscious organization (lectures one and two), can profoundly affect our social and political consciousness on a level deeper than simple representation (which is usually what people mean when they talk about “political” dimensions to works of art).” Fineberg states on his website, “My central interest is in creativity, interweaving four lifelong threads in my thinking: The first is an interest in psychoanalysis as a means of understanding the dynamics of creative work (and more recently neuroaesthetics which looks at aesthetic judgment in the brain from a neuroscience perspective). The second is art history and criticism from the point of view of the way in which both society and individuals (artists and viewers) use the art of their own times to bring coherence and insight to their experience. The third is an interest in child art and childhood as a way into the psychodynamics of aesthetic experience. And lastly, my own persevering creative practice, first in sculpture, and then in film but above all in my writing.” The 2012-13 Presidential Lectures at the University of Nebraska, will be published as The Language of the Enigmatic Object: Modern Art at the Border of Mind and Brain by the University of Nebraska Press in 2014. Fineberg’s concluding lecture in the series will be presented at Kaneko on April 3, 3013.

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