Lear’s madness walks the night.

Within an historic building, ghosts haunt the halls

Shakespeare plunges into terrible dimensions of old age in King Lear. And more. The tale emerges again, within a building long ago dedicated to withdrawal from the perilous vicissitudes of normal life. Amid its 100 year old walls, along its halls, corridors and stairs, 15 people re-enact the story in a rare way. Site specific and immersive. Where ghostly figures are haunted by murder, betrayal, madness. Blue Barn Theatre leads you into Walk The Night.

You stand amid this constant swirl with other live humans, witnesses to the unfolding of inevitable tragedy. You are so close that, should a ghostly hand touch yours, or a blind man stumble into you groping for passage, do not be afraid. Such ghosts may have suffered but do not wish to proliferate the pain. Rather they want your compassion and understanding. 

Think of this not as theatre, but rather as an up-close exposure to a dark legend. Music and dance decorate. No electronics assault you.

You choose where to be as everything transpires. And for how long. You may walk amid the doings anywhere inside the confines of the former convent, or stay fixed on the main level to grasp it all. Nonetheless, comfortable shoes are advised.

You may want to further learn about this. Know then, that theatre director Spencer Williams hovers behind the scenes as do co-producers/directors Sebastiani Romagnolo and Wai Yim plus (full disclosure) The Reader’s Bill Grennan.  More can be discerned at the website (below)

Walk The Night runs Oct. 28-Nov.21 at Starlight Chateau 1310 North 29th Street. Weds-Sat. 7 p.m. plus tbd p.m. Tickets $20; double admission $35. www.walkthenightwithme.com

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