Mock the Magnificent

The Paintings and Prints of Richard Basil Mock at Gallery 72

‘Mock the Magnificent,’ the upcoming show this Friday at Gallery 72 of work by artist Richard Mock (1944-2006) is as intriguing intellectually as it is visually.  On view from February 13 to March 7 at the gallery, located at 1806 Vinton Street, this array of oil paintings, linocuts, collagraphs, and lithographs shows a restless spirit at work, moving from one medium to another as his expressive needs demand. 

The oil paintings are careful patternings of color that cover the canvas uniformly but with an understated vibrancy.  In an artist statement, Mock has distinguished between his paintings and his “social commentary graphics” in that “you don’t need any context to understand” the paintings. 

His linocuts do generally address political issues ranging from September 11 to the cause of the Palestinians.  They do so in style that recalls Keith Haring in the wave-like energy defining the images, but also German woodcuts in the intensity of their humanism.

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