‘Pop Meets Street’

MAM July exhibit promises an offbeat nod to wit and whimsy

The group show, Pop Meets Street, promising a nod to looser, more flamboyant approaches in art, is Modern Arts Midtown show objective in July. Echoing the provocative and sometimes sharp commentary found in 60’s Pop and 80’s Street Graffiti, MAM’s stable of artists have been charged with bringing in work that reflects this theme with energetic color, satire and irony.

Jordan Weber, now in Des Moines, will show his L.A. Mural-style Pop Art work brought down to size (shown above), while Sioux City’s Paul Chelstad will offer New York City stencil approaches begun with his sojourn on the east coast “back in the day.” 

Zany 3D pieces will be offered by ceramicist Iggy Sumnik, amazing wooden pull-toys by Troy Muller and Jaime Burmeister’s “Vermin” will be in attendance. Both James Freeman and Lynn Piper promise an assortment of narrative characters that will step away from everyday gallery fare.

Pop approaches will be covered by Washington’s Tom Rierden (pinballs) and Sioux City Ben Pratt’s psychological Pop understatements. Omaha Street artist Brian Gennardo will finish the dance card with a powerful punch of paint. Join the fun when the show opens on July 3. It will be open from 6-8 p.m. and continues through the rest of the month.

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