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'Providential' brings Noland and Potter together at Project Project gallery on Vinton St.

The latest installment in the ongoing series of pop-up exhibitions at Project Project, organized by Joel Damon and Josh Powell, is Providential, a two-person show featuring the work of Garry Noland and Lonnie Potter. 

Project Project on Vinton Street provides great opportunities to view work that is conceptually engaging and materially inventive, and this current show is no exception.

“The reason this exhibition came together was to feature two artists, Noland of Kansas City and Potter of Omaha whose work doesn’t just end at the object,” Damon said. “They both utilize materials that had life before the artists’ intervention and their work is more of an exploration/documentation of authorship and levels of finish, both with different results.” 

Noland’s sculptures use miscellaneous contemporary, fabricated materials—foil, tape, foam, pvc pipe—to create works that seem to come from another time—and sometimes, as in the case of works such as his “Failed Monuments” series, from another system of belief. 

Potter’s collages, by contrast, are essentialist in nature, boiling down small groups of colors and shapes to their most basic, and in so doing asking us to discover something new in the familiar.  Both artists are seeking to untangle—or perhaps to tangle—the relationship between meaning and making in ways that are enhanced by the intimacy of the Project Project space.

Providential opens this Friday, Nov. 13, from 6-9 p.m. or so at 1818 Vinton St. and continues by appointment only until Feb. 22. Contact joeldamon@gmail.com for details.

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