‘Sealed with a Kiss; 2005-2010’

Adkins, Carroll share, bare it all in 5-year 'correspondence' at Sweatshop Gallery in May

Take every option available for May’s Benson First Fridays celebration and make it second on your list compared to what Sweatshop Gallery has in store. Their next show, Sealed with a Kiss 2005-2010, features a five-year visual correspondence between two Omaha art staples, Kenneth Adkins and J.J. Carroll, who do not show work regularly.

This is a rare chance to look into a long-time friendship and the things they felt comfortable drawing on postcards and envelopes before dropping them in the mail for some poor postal worker to deliver.

It should also be mentioned that this pair have almost no filter between them and this type of dirt-bag art rarely gets an audience in this town. The opportunity to get an intimate look at what two artists, who have made countless questionable life decisions, drew for each other is to good to waste.

Their Facebook event page says it best: “5 years of mail between two degenerates.” The opening reception for Sealed with a Kiss 2005-2010 will take place on Friday, May 1 at 7 pm.

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