Third Time’s the Charm

Benson First Friday celebrates its 3rd anniversary June 5

Benson is about to take their already impressive First Friday celebration to another level in June. Marking the 3rd anniversary of the monthly booze, art and music, BFF is pulling out all the stops by closing off 62nd Street between Maple and Miami (directly in front of Benson art leaders Petshop and Sweatshop Galleries) with a street fair of sorts with live music, art booths, live art, fashion events, digital projections, food and more.

Though few details have been provided, it’s fairly easy to say this will most likely be like hanging out with the Omaha Summer Arts Festival’s ginger half-brother on a jungle-juice bender. Don’t miss this, even without knowing exactly what to expect at the moment, the community should show up to show support and to say thanks to BFF founders Jamie Hardy and Alex Joachim and all the other lovable weirdos that helped bring the Benson scene to where it is now.

 The Benson First Friday 3rd Anniversary Celebration takes place on June 5th. Find out more at

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