This Thornton Wilder classic hit Broadway in 1938, Omaha in 1939, film and radio in 1940 with Orson Welles in the stage manager role and now Nils Haaland plays that lead in the final play in the Old Market before the Blue Barn moves to its new space next fall. Over the decades, the likes of Hal Holbrook, Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra preceded Haaland on television. Here he joins a cast directed by Susan Clement Toberer featuring Ron Chvala and Julie Huff as Mr. and Mrs. Webb, with Mike Markey and Moira Mangiameli as Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs. Even the “town people” include such stellar players as Dennis and Susie Collin, and Mark Thornburg. Once the Soviets banned it in Berlin as too depressing, but they missed the power that brings it back and attracts these talents after more than 75 years. Now a new generation can meet the folks who live in Grover’s Corners.

Through June 7

Blue Barn Theatre, 614 South 11th Street

Opens Thursday, May 7 — No shows May 10 or 24

7:30 p.m., $25-$30

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