Tripping the Light Fantastic

Circle Theater offers its own original attempt at holiday entertainment

This holiday season Circle Theater gets into a family and friends dimension offering two one-act pieces with the people on stage having quite a jolly time. Founder/Artistic Director/playwright Doug Marr has created one short element, Waiting for Gordy and Omaha actor David Sindelar wrote the longer part of this 95 minute experience Bang, Zoom to the Moon. Marr directed both.

The title of the last-named may suggest to you a re-visit with Ralph Kramden and Alice around the formica but actually its aim goes far and wide with no Gleason-isms involved. Marr, however, does intend to suggest something well-known, a touch of Beckett in the night.

In the first-named he appears to be trying his hand at emulating some of the feeling of Waiting for Godot, that famed sometimes dark conundrum. Sindelar and Matt Hugh Allen perform the deliberately rambling dialogue with considerable skill. Nothing especially funny emerges. But, then, this doesn’t look like a send-up.

Subsequently two other members of the Marr family, Laura and Dylan, are among nine performers involved in Sindelar’s script about a North Pole crisis when Santa may not get sent off because his gear is not ready for the imminent trip around the world. Radar, the lead reindeer, is not ready to take the reins and so a GPS is used to try to make sure that everything is delivered on time. But Santa takes a detour to the moon where two inhabitants josh and jostle while telling the audience about themselves. Sindelar appears to be most focusing on far-out premises rather than on jokes and laugh lines.

4th grader Stella Ehrhart shines with delight as the smaller of the moon creatures, Angon.

For much of the rest of the time two adults in the cast deliver everything with overplayed frenzy and volume while other participants tend to stay more down to earth.

A supportive group of friends in Saturday the 7th’s audience seemed to have a good time, enjoying the excellent, gratis coffee and being part of the circle. 

Waiting for Gordy and Bang, Zoom to the Moon continue through December 21 at Circle Theater at Central Presbyterian Church, 726 S. 55th Street, Omaha. 7 p.m. dinner and show $20-$25. 8 p.m. show only $10-$15. More info at http://circletheatreomaha.orgor 402.553.4715.

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