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$100 art sale invests in Project Project’s pledge to emerging artists

Project Project is growing up, to a point.  After nearly a year of intriguing shows and performances in a rustic, intimacy-inducing space in a Vinton Street storefront, organizers Joel Damon and Josh Powell are putting on a fundraiser to help Project Project cover its fairly minimal expenses.

This fundraiser will help the start-up continue to serve as a venue for creators of all kinds, both established artists attracted by Project Project’s ambiance and less well-known artists who can only benefit from the exposure that it provides. 

The event being held on June 12 takes the accessibility of Project Project one step further by making works by dozens of artists available for purchase, with all works priced at $100.  The roster of artists contributing to the show is growing weekly given that Damon and Powell have been holding office hours at the space for the last few Saturdays, offering any artist who wants to the opportunity to stop by and donate a work for inclusion in the show. 

The list of participating artists includes many familiar names (Jamie Burmeister, Catherine Ferguson, Tom Prinz, Iggy Sumnik, and Bart Vargas, to name a few) as well as newer artists whose work deserves a wider audience. 

The “$100 Art Sale” is a terrific opportunity to take a quick tour of the Omaha art scene, purchase a work (or two) that bears looking at on a daily basis, and in the process help ensure the continuation of Project Project’s important contribution to the cultural life of our city.  The sale takes place, June 12, starting at 7 p.m. at 1818 Vinton Street.

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